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Welcome to BlessCards

A community for sports and gaming card lovers. Free card packs for subscribing – Stick around and watch various packs and community breaks being opened live!

Twitch Subscribers

As a token of our appreciation for subscribing, you will receive a free card pack, opened live on stream! The card pack will be determined by a dice roll – see the currently available sub packs in chat and the dice will determine your free pack! Occasionally we will have rare single cards or other sports memorabilia in some slots!


360 Gallery

We are aiming to build a community of sports and game card enthusiasts that love the thrill of hunting for treasures within small sealed packs. Streaming live on Twitch, we will be opening packs and boxes on stream and organizing fun community breaks and giveaways to give back to you. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let us know! Happy chasing!